What We Do

Translating Data

We specialise in translating data into usable insight to inform business strategy, drive sales and give you maximum ROI on your marketing and analytics spend.

We help you to understand your consumers better, target them more effectively, and, not only to deliver an excellent customer experience, but also to prove its value in delivering profitable growth.

We are experts in guiding you through this process; helping to create a roadmap for a data-driven business strategy moving forward.

How We Do It

First we help companies to identify aims, establish metrics, set goals and KPIs. We perform GAP analysis and define requirements to create a plan for using data that will enhance your current capabilities.

We work with Sprints to deliver insight rapidly, helping you to stay agile. We also work with predictive analytics and targeted modelling to inform your business strategy and help you to stay ahead of trend.

Having implemented your personalised data strategy, we provide technical assistance, training and support going forward.

We go on to develop test hypotheses, designs and implementations. We assist with prioritization, and document and analyse key findings; empowering you to capitalise on data insights far into the future.

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