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I want one too! App buyer behaviour

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Four people have just boarded, clearly identifiable as close colleagues who know and like each other.

One has a brand new iPhone and this is where the interest begins… The others are comparing their own smart phones, demonstrating how they work, and suggesting apps that the new owner should download – recommending the content and functionality their friend should get. As they’re friends, the new owner respects their thoughts – sport, news, recipes, maps, travel – and is happy to download each app.

Then there is some prolonged app usage by the group, partly demonstrating their own prowess. One is playing a game and the other is checking the cricket scores. At which point, the behaviour became infectious; I wanted to know what the cricket score was and so the community of interest had suddenly extended to myself!

What was most interesting is that this sort of consumer psychology is impossible to pick up using traditional data analysis methods. However, it is exactly what qualitative data research methods are designed to capture. And, this is the sort of behaviour you begin to understand when working with usability research companies.

I suspect that most apps are added to phones straight away rather than later. I also suspect that people are more likely to add apps following a recommendation. It’s a viral activity that must be measured differently – it’s not enough to simply measure downloads, an understanding of the conditions and social background of how apps are recommended must also be gained through qualitative data research.

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