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Cross-device analytics made simple

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My son is learning to do puzzles – the ones where you join the dots according to numbers to reveal an image. Pretty simple, unless you’ve never done it before! Not only do you have to count, you also have to look around for the next dot before you start to draw the line.

This mirrors a challenge we have in multichannel analytics. Joining the dots across channels is something few companies have really got to grips with. It’s like we’re collectively learning how to do a new type of puzzle and haven’t got the techniques right yet.

Mobile teams are at a particular disadvantage, as un-joined dots often result in inaccurate marketing data and a partial view of performance – customers may research products on mobile but complete the purchase at home on a computer… There’s a general underestimation of the value of mobile, as well as an overestimation of the number of unique visitors across other channels. However, it’s difficult to prove this discrepancy without the ability to join the dots!

The complete picture…

My son also loves the Peppa Pig cartoon. In one episode, architect Daddy Pig is finishing a drawing of a house using tracing paper. Again, this can be used to illustrate a challenge we have in multichannel analytics.

Individual layers of a complete image are built up using tracing paper; the tracing paper allows us to see these layers one by one, as well as the final image. This is how a multichannel experience is built – each channel is like a layer of tracing paper, each with its own story, and the full picture is only clear when all the layers are put together. Markings on each layer ensure they’re lined up accurately and the same principle applies when analysing data – there must be at least one consistent value across all channels.

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