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Digital Cream 2016: improving conversion

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Station10 is proud to sponsor Econsultancy’s Digital Cream 2016 in London, March 16th.

We’ll be hosting a round-table discussion on Analytics & Optimisation – Tools & Techniques for Improving Conversion Rates, exploring practical ways to gather the insight you need to optimise your customers’ experience and increase your conversion rates.

We’ll look at why personalisation is so important and how, by focusing on the individual visit, you can make real improvements to your customer experience across the board.

Examining the challenges and opportunities that often arise in the search for improving conversion – we’ll look at the best ways that businesses can tackle roadblocks and embrace data-driven innovation.

This is a chance for you to network and discuss with your peers: digital strategies, best practices, your current pain-points, and future trends. Share stories, explore ideas, and get real-world advice on cutting-edge methods for analytics and optimisation.

Sign up to join in with our insightful discussions on March 16th by following this link.

You can also visit our stand, which has games to be played and prizes to be won! We hope you can join us and share in the data-driven fun…

Alternatively, don’t hesitate to get in touch directly, to explore how the right customer insight can drive real business value.

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