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To Post Or Not To Post? Personal News Embargoes

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At a digital event last week, I had a conversation about social media with a couple of acquaintances. One pointed out that he and his wife had recently learnt that they were expecting, and that they had had to stipulate to friends not to post anything about it on Twitter. This was because they had family abroad and they didn’t want the news to reach them before they had had chance to share it themselves. He predicted family strife if the news leaked and, anyway, it was their news to share and reasonable to want to do it themselves.

It’s interesting that it’s now possible for normal individuals to embargo a news story for fear of it breaking in the wrong way. We all now have the same worries as celebrities!

He went on to say that, despite the request, one person tweeted congratulations before they had even got home! This seemed disrespectful after such an explicit request and he pointed out that the tweeter in question was an inveterate Twitter user and didn’t seem to consider others’ when it came to tweeting.

Social media is not only forcing changes to corporate and customer relationship management, but also to personal relationship management. It has the potential to inspire or offend in equal measure, and it seems that we’re at a stage where etiquette has not yet been fully established.

Clearly, we must be aware of these nuances as individuals. However, we must also be aware of this as analysts if we’re to understand what’s really behind a person’s actions. This requires a more cross-functional view, combining quantitative and qualitative data analysis, to establish how behaviour relates to attitude. As yet, we haven’t reached that level – there’s work to be done!

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