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This week, the hard work starts!

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On 9th May 1941, German U-Boat 110 was captured by HMS Bulldog, Broadway and Aubretia off the coast of Iceland. As well as eliminating a dangerous submarine, the Royal Navy were also able to get their hands on an Enigma machine, the German cipher encryption machine (the most advanced in the world at the time), and its codebooks.

Recognising the importance of the discovery and knowing that the German army would immediately change their codes if they knew the Allies had the Enigma machine, the Royal Navy allowed the U-Boat to sink.

British codebreakers back at Station 10 in their Bletchley Park HQ suddenly had something to work from, enabling them to move much more quickly. However, the capture was the simple part – analysis of data in order to decipher the code was another matter.

So, this week 70 years ago at Station 10, the hard work – the analysis of data – really started. Just as it does for us, as we turn baffling, unintelligible data into actionable market insight!

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