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Lifting off with Adobe Launch


Back in October I enjoyed a “field trip” out of the office to Adobe’s Partner Café – to hear about the upcoming release of Adobe Launch.

It felt like the details of Adobe Launch were a closely guarded secret, as not much, detailed, information had been released to date. Other than “an update to DTM, without having to migrate tags over from DTM”.*

My big lesson from the session was that Adobe want to be seen to be evolving their tag management system; so far, no surprises. But what it’s evolving to is definitely of interest, and for me, raises some broader questions of what it means to be a tech / digital company today.

For this we need to go back to the advent and “original philosophy of the internet”. One of openness, sharing, collaboration. It was basically a ginormous (but less cumbersome) encyclopedia.

But as companies and brands competed for dominance over the years, so too came the ring fencing of products. Tech companies want(ed) inertia – users to “worship at” and only use their system. Adobe’s DTM prescribed to this way of thinking and developing; easy deployment wasn’t always accompanied by a simple way of configuring tags outside the Adobe umbrella.

As nice and neat as the inertia model is, it’s not how companies (using Adobe) work in reality. Stakeholders will frequently buy into “new-fangled” marketing tools, e-commerce trackers and everything else in between. Meaning digital analysts are having to implement more and more tags onto sites, using tag management systems that weren’t initially designed for this way of working.

We’re in the age of the Internet of Things, connectivity is everywhere; and tag management tools needed to adapt to this, fast. Enter Tealium and Ensighten, offering a USP of “collaboration” and the ability to try new technologies, easily.

It’s safe to say that Adobe Launch is going to be a credible alternative to these two players in terms of tag management. When scoping out the product they wanted to get users to “build on-top” of the platform they create. A definitive shift that appears to put the user in control. In Adobe’s own words, Launch will:

  • Deploy client-side web products (extensions) using a new integration set-up
  • Consistently capture, define, manage and share data between marketing and advertising products from other vendors, as well as Adobe
  • And importantly, because extensions don’t need to be built, managed, and updated by Adobe; deployment time will shrink!

It all sounds really exciting to us! And according to Adobe’s website, Launch is currently being released (on a rolling schedule). So, if you’re an Adobe user, keep an eye out as Launch will be automatically added to your cloud over the next few months.  There’s more information from Adobe here.

However, if the rollout hasn’t reached you yet, or if you just can’t wait, get in touch with us at Station10, and we can give you a demo.

Enjoy and let us know what you think and expect of Adobe Launch!

* massively paraphrased!