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Data Analytics: Every great player needs a great coach


My stepson is really into his ice hockey. He plays for the local team as a forward and is really good (excuse the bragging stepdad).

But over the last 18 months not only did he get really good, he also got REALLY big. He out grew his old stick and needed a new one. But which one? 


Choose the right tools

When you’re young and learning the game pretty much any stick will do, as long as its long enough. At my stepson’s age and level, however, it’s no longer that simple.

All of a sudden you’re faced with a world of critical options. There are hundreds of different 'Curves' to the blades, as well as varying ‘Flex’ levels, all of which are better for different things. There are so many ways to get the stick wrong.

Thankfully, we got chatting to one of the coaches. He listened to what my stepson had to say – and what this new stick needed to help him achieve – and pointed us towards a brand, a flex, and one of two curves that would best suit his needs.

He brought in examples of both curves for him to try, talked him through how to use each one, and helped us order the chosen stick.

When it arrived, the coach took him through how to use this specific piece of equipment to get the best results. 'Give me a shout if you need anything else', he said. I felt relieved.


Coach knows best

I was confident that the best man for the job had chosen the best tool for my stepson. After all, the coach still plays the game and has years of experience selecting hockey equipment both for others and himself.

He has the insight into what will help my stepson optimise his performance.


How does this relate to data?

This is a good analogy for the Data and Analytics business – it’s what companies, Like Station10, do to help organisations choose and use their analytics tools to get the best results.

In many ways we are 'the coach'. We have all ‘played the game', and have years of experience in delivering data insights to solve real business problems.

We’ve seen it, done it and know what and how to use each tool to answer the questions you need to know (even the ones you didn’t know you needed to know).


Data insight for business growth

We know data and we know business – and so are best positioned to advise on how to analyse the former to progress the latter. Most importantly, we listen and give detailed guidance based on your requirements and business goals.

The businesses that we support are the 'players'. They grow and change in size and scale and their needs evolve as they do. Like my stepson, they often need to stop and re-asses their kit to ensure they are playing to the best of their ability.

They are the ones with the talent – they may even have the tools – but they don’t necessarily know how best to use them or which ones to choose to get the top results.

They need a coach to help them capitalise on their own set of skills. 

This often means they need more than just a basic, one size fits all approach to their data. Instead they require a multi-pronged approach. i.e :

  • A tool to capture their data
  • A tool to analyse their data
  • A tool to combine data from multiple sets
  • A tool for Qualitative data
  • A tool to report back to the business (often in real-time)
  • A tool to store ALL of this securely


Stop and think

Station10 offer a number of services to help businesses at each stage of their evolution. First we help businesses to understand where they are on their digital journey.

By working with clients to define their insight requirements and to establish the business case that underpins them, we can help shape a digital transformation programme around their specific needs.


Guidance and best practice

We can then guide them towards the best solutions and tools to use to deliver the intelligence that will be most valuable to their business. To use our hockey metaphor; we help make sure they are playing with the right stick in the right way


Embed and optimise

Finally, we work to embed these practices within their organisation so that data analytics becomes a core part of the company’s processes and each employee (or player) is invested in what the data has to say.

Some of the advanced tools on the market – such as Adobe Premium – have so few people with the skill, knowledge and experience required to use it most effectively, that bringing the right ‘coach’ into the business is often challenging. A consultancy like ours can help in this space.

At Station10 we have a breadth and depth of expertise and experience with a range of data analytics tools. Combine this with our knowledge of business – and ours is a ‘coaching’ that goes unrivalled.

Every great player needs a great coach. We can help you choose and use the best tools to get the most value out of your data.  Every data insight programme is individual – we make your data, and its insights, work for you.