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Summer is coming … and data can help you to reach your summer look


“Knowledge is power,” especially when it is related to you. The more you know about yourself and what is in your body the easier it is to make improvements that have a big impact on how you feel every day. Whether you are looking to start your wellness journey or improve your work-life balance, learning about your body can help you to focus on your goals.

With early glimpses of summer now here, gym season has officially started and gyms are heaving with people trying to achieve “beach body” and many other fitness and wellness goals. I have recently moved to a new home, so I have joined a new gym. On my first day there, I discovered a machine called “Boditrax”. My first experience with the machine and software was incredible, it completely blew me away. I discovered I don’t need to go to my PT and ask for an MOT (or health assessment) to track my progress, all I need to do is stand on the machine and hold the handles and in less than a minute it scans your entire body and gives you a range of data regarding your body composition and an analysis of your overall health.

After analysing data about my weight, composition (fat, muscle, water, bone) and other key information like metabolic efficiency and physical/fitness age, you can set a goal and track your progress over time. Your data is stored in cloud-based software, and can be easily accessed to review your progress via the app or online. It’s presented in really easy-to-understand graphics and visuals that anyone can read, so you don’t need to be a Data Scientist to understand it.

The tool is great to track my goals, follow up my progress and celebrate the measured and concise improvements on my fitness journey. In the past, I have sometimes lost motivation as I don’t seem to be making any progress in achieving that magazine look, but now I know what is actually possible with my body shape through technology other than Photoshop!

Since I started using data to track my progress, I have set workout plans that help me reach my goals.  Tracking the results motivates me and I can see that I am making real progress. I love how technology has disrupted our lives and how it is becoming more accessible than ever before. This technology provides the information we need on our body’s composition and armed with segmented data and analysis I can get the most out of both the gym and my other health and fitness activities. I like to believe I am thinking “outside the box” these days when it comes to my fitness and so should you. 

All of this made me think about how the digitalisation of life is all around us; filling every area of our public and private, work and home life.  This digital transformation has changed everything from how we communicate to how we shop, work, exercise and spend time with others. A constant disruption is in place to transform our lives and how we interact in each aspect of them. Now, as I have discovered, we have digital solutions, like Boditrax, for the health, fitness and wellness available to the public, you don’t need to be an elite athlete or in an elite sports team to access this technology.

Sports performance results are changing - it is no longer only about your coach (that one in the tracksuit, with a stopwatch) measuring how fast you run and how many sit-ups you do. The sports industry is rapidly advancing in performance results technologies (just look at the England rugby team – well, until they crashed in the Six Nations at any rate) collecting big data through GPS trackers, cameras, heart-rate monitors, and others gives relevant information that,  if they know how to analyse it, the coaches can act upon it to make dramatic improvements in efficiency and performance. For example, in football, it is not necessary for the coach to wait until the day after the match to get a report on their team’s performance; with the data analytics tools that sport teams have in place today, they can create predictive solutions and actions to improve their team’s performance before a ball is kicked.  This also allows them to discover other esoteric factors and combinations that might affect team or player performance.

Football and Rugby are not the only sports to have benefits from data collection - Rowing is gathering data to go faster with the help of sensors analysing how the boats move, how the rowers are rowing, force, power and other measurements to maximise the performance of every crew. Cycling, tennis, cricket and even curling are getting benefits of Data Analytics tools. These are enabling teams and athletes to understand better their game, physical wellbeing, fitness level, speed and other metrics to enable them to be better and achieve their goals.

So, whatever your sport or activity, get out there and harness the power of data to achieve your goals.