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Our Team



Founder & Managing Director

David is passionate about helping clients prove the value of their multichannel projects. He’s worked with big names such as Virgin Atlantic, Walt Disney and Selfridges. Impressively, he’s won two New Media Age Effectiveness Awards and an Excellence Award from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. David’s claim to fame is that he auditioned for the part of the Milky Bar Kid in the early 80s!




Nick has worked in digital analytics for over 10 years and believes in a customer-focused approach with as many data sources in place as possible to achieve the best results. He has a keen awareness of how to avoid common mistakes and maximise the value of data. Aside from his passion for multichannel analysis, Nick also loves judo and teaches it to students of all ages and abilities.



Head of Delivery

Lucy has been part of various digital teams over the last 10 years, working with SEO, social media, CRM and databases. She knows how to present data and enjoys bringing it to life for clients. Her training in biomedical science gives her an edge when it comes to structure and detail. Out of work, you’ll find Lucy playing the saxophone or hanging with celebs at her brother’s theatre!


Paul Sartori

Head of Operations

Paul specialises in finding creative solutions for real-life business data issues. He’s a respected professional in website analytics with over 10 years of client-side experience, and uses his scientific mind and expertise to translate complex data insights into easily relatable results. In his spare time, you’ll find him listening to very loud extreme metal music – or watching the X-Factor on TV.


Jan Piedrahita

Analytics Lead

Jan has worked with a wide range of businesses across the retail, automotive and telecoms industries over the last 15 years, giving him an extensive breadth of experience to draw from. When he’s not changing station10 clients’ assumptions about their customers with his acute insights, you’ll find him supporting Arsenal Football Club – and using statistics to prove why they need a new centre-half!



Implementation Lead

Steve has a wide range of analytical skills developed from working with a number of different online businesses. He brings a fresh approach to multichannel data analysis – hungry to learn new things and try out innovative new ways to get the most from a company’s data. Steve’s claim to fame is that he once rented a room in comedian Alan Carr’s house!



Senior Analyst

Bet enjoys working with various clients to help them make the most of their online and offline data. She has a background in optimisation consultancy, having managed the A/B and multivariate testing programmes for various travel companies, and has a degree in Mathematics. Outside of work, you can find her bopping along to Motown or trying (and failing) to play badminton!



Senior Analyst

Catherine is a Multichannel Analyst at Station10. Previous roles have seen Catherine work both agency and client-side – most recently working for two of the UK’s biggest news brands. Catherine is an avid reader, with a current taste for dystopian stories and music autobiographies (not always at the same time!).



Senior Analyst

Rachel's understanding of consumer behaviour is demonstrated by her research into customer relationship marketing, which achieved the highest BSc Hons Final Project grade on her university campus. A favourite keepsake of Rachel’s is a card she received for her 21st birthday, signed by none other than Albus Dumbledore himself!


Lizzi Miller 

Senior Analyst

Lizzi has a background in luxury retail with over 3 years’ experience working alongside various ecommerce teams, including trade, digital marketing and UX. She enjoys translating data into actionable insights that drive results. Lizzi is a keen runner and is currently training for her first (and probably last) ultra-marathon.


Nina Nduwayo

Senior Analyst

With a background in Biological Science, Nina is driven by a curiosity to understand human behaviour and how things work. She enjoys analysing datasets to find hidden relationships between disparate variables. Nina spends her free time seeking adventure. Her conquests include completing London 100 mile cycling challenge and hiking up Mt Tai, China. She has a particular soft spot for seafood and cheesecake.


George Karagiannis


George has over 4 years of exposure in Front-end Development and Web Analytics working alongside e-commerce teams and developers. Highly skilled in translating requirements into digital solutions while having the ability to understand the big picture in any scheme of things.
Passionate about travelling and always in search of the next destination, while in his spare time enjoys music & sports.



Finance & HR Manager

Mikhaila has over 16 years of experience in marketing and PR and has worked in the past for companies such as GSK, Boehringer Ingelheim and Medtronic. At Station10, Mikhaila fulfils a multi-faceted role, focusing on marketing, finance and HR. In her spare time, Mikhaila enjoys playing tennis. She’s also an avid science fiction reader and secretly harbours desires to write a script for the next award-winning crime drama!


Helena Jamieson


With a background in economics, Helena has become fascinated by the analytics of retail e-commerce by blending together technical, mathematical and human (customer behaviour) skills. She enjoys finding the stories behind data to visualise key trends of customer behaviour. Helena’s love of country and jazz music recently took her on an American road trip visiting Washington, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans and Florida.


Mark Trotman

Office Manager

Mark has several years’ experience as an Office Manager in both the public and private sector. One notable highlight includes working with local businesses to maximise profits and minimise disruption during the London Olympics. Outside of work, Mark enjoys creative writing and co-wrote the Radio 4 sitcom, Single Files.


jack aaron

Marketing Executive

Jack has several years of experience working across a range of marketing channels and has a particular interest in B2B digital marketing. He enjoys using modern marketing techniques to understand customers and build brands. In his spare time, Jack is passionate about travel and is currently on a mission to visit every European capital city.


Katie Lockett

Partner Manager

Katie has worked across software vendor, agency and in-house teams to build a wide experience in the digital sector.  This has given her a passion for learning how various technologies can work together and how they can be used in different ways to solve real problems.  Katie is a keen novice gardener and in her spare time enjoys attempting to propagate plants – to mixed success!


Edward Gurton


Edward has three years of experience in consumer insight across traditional market research, social media listening, and keyword research. He enjoys using data to work out why consumers buy things, and why they don't buy other things. In his spare time, he plays amateur football and is a keen reader of fiction.


Danilo Drobac

Senior Analyst

Danilo has a background across varying sectors, with prior experience at Thomas Cook and Global Radio. He strives to help businesses improve efficiencies and deliver value from their data using digital technology and cloud solutions. With a huge passion for health and fitness, you’ll mostly likely find Dan doing something active or, in his downtime, reading a fantasy novel.


Liam Giles


With a background in analytics, Liam specialises in helping companies uncover insights from data, with a focus on helping to improve both business processes and customer experience. Outside of work, Liam loves all things nerdy. You’ll often find him playing, watching or reading anything related to sci-fi and fantasy.