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Our Services


Solving enigmas

We know that your business data is your biggest potential competitive advantage, but many organisations still either don’t realise this, can’t capitalise on it or think it’s too difficult to solve the problem with data. 

That’s where we come in. 

Our team of expert analysts specialise in guiding you through the various steps of your data journey; helping to create and execute a data-driven business strategy – from identifying which tools to use in the first place to ongoing analytics support; from deep dive insight and predictive modelling to bespoke training and team set-up.

We love helping you solve your biggest digital challenges through data!



Data Strategy & PlanninG

With our extensive experience working with data teams in a wide variety of organisations, we can help you lay the groundwork for future data success. From deciding how you structure your internal teams and defining the roles within them, to picking the tools and technologies that fit your business needs now and in the future.

We can work with your goals and targets to advise you how to best measure them, providing you with a bespoke data strategy and future-proofing your business’ data capabilities.

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Data implementation

Just like Alan Turing and Tommy Flowers designed and implemented the Colossus “bombe” to help them with their data analysis, we design and build your personalised solution design. We perform analytics implementations that provide the right data, aligned with your business strategy, to drive actionable insight.

Through workshops with your key stakeholders we generate a comprehensive set of business requirements. We are tool agnostic, so have extensive experience of all the main digital analytics platforms and tag management solutions– as well as several niche players and emerging tools that you might not have heard of!

We produce design and specification documentation that is clear to both business stakeholders and developers alike, covering the analytics tool design, tag management structures and data layer specifications. Our team works alongside your development and analytics teams to ensure the end result works flawlessly and you get value from your data toolset.

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Deep Dive Insight

We enable you to stay ahead of the trend through insight sprints, delivering rapid and actionable insights direct to your decision-makers.

We collate, transform, analyse and translate data into insights to inform business strategy. Specialising in joining data from a myriad of sources, we work with the latest advanced analytics techniques and tools, helping you stay ahead of the curve and drive business change.

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Customer Activation & Optimisation

Insight is only as valuable as what you do about it.  So, we offer various methods of optimising your customer experience on the back of key insights.  Sometimes, this is about helping senior stakeholders understand the opportunities from the findings of insight sprints, and ensuring the business changes are followed up on.

This also includes ongoing digital optimisation. We deliver data-driven optimisation programmes for our clients, with service options including developing test hypotheses, running test designs, trialing new features and assisting with prioritisation.  Once again, we are tool agnostic, having a breadth of experience across tools like Adobe Target, Oracle Maxymiser, Optimizely and more. Our data-driven approach to optimisation will enable you to deliver an engaging experience to your customers.

We can also help you action customer insights through data science techniques, including predictive modelling and machine learning.

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Data Academy

We know that one of the key features of a successful business is having that internal expertise and knowledge. We upskill your team so you can continue to explore your data and gain further insights without us. Sharing our knowledge is key!

We provide training for beginners to advanced users, and can create ongoing training programmes, workbooks and even course tests and examinations to ensure your teams can make the most of your insight tools and techniques.

We provide bespoke training on a wide range of tools and services to enable the democratisation of rdata across you organisation.